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Pokemon XD extraction?


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So I played through Pokemon xD on the Dolphin emulator and was hoping by the end I could trade to Emerald via VBA-M. Unfortunately, after performing all the steps, the connection does not work (and seems like it's that way for everyone). So alternatively, I was hoping I could somehow extract the pokemon's information from the game and put it into an Emerald .sav using the A-Save program. I don't have the means to copy my gamecube save to a memory card and go through the normal process unfortunately. If there is a way now to actually trade using emulators I would love to know how, but it appears to be a lost cause.

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VBA-M <> Dolphin link is still in development. Some games already work but pokemon xD not working is a known issue. You should try using the latest version of dolphin, as I've read a commit about GBA link enhancement in the past few days. Also, you need to be able to run both dolphin and VBA-M at full speed without hacks for this to work (Cable link emulation requires some specific tweaks but I guess you already know that).

Anyway, I've no idea if this will help you as I couldn't thind any proof of cable link emulation working for pokemon xD...

As for save extraction, I guess xD unfortunately isn't popular enough... I've read about some research done by some well-known coders some time ago, but it would appear that save data is encrypted so it would require a lot of testing to have it working. For now, the only thing I know is that you can open the savefile using HxD but it doesn't get you anywhere.

My best bet would be using Dolphin's memory viewer to see if there is a way to catch your mons data (while battling or switching places in PC), in order to use it with PKHex. But once again I've no particular clue.

EDIT: I found -Gale-of-Darkness-Psy_commando-s-utility-and-research-notes'>this too, if you're motivated to try and export your mons data it would be a great experiment :)

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