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Ribbon isn't copied when copying QR Code to Tabs (ALT + Clicking "QR!")


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When copying QR Code to Tabs (ALT + Clicking "QR!"), the ribbon isn't copied to the pokemon. The ribbon stays the same just like the previous one loaded on the Tabs.

So for example, if I just open up PKHex (the Tab is still blank), then copy QR Code to Tabs, the other pokemon info will show up. But when I check the ribbon, it's all empty.

I also tested adding one or two ribbons (different from the ones on QR code) to the tabs, then copy the QR Code (ALT+Click) after that. The ribbons from the QR codes don't show up. The existing added two ribbons are still there.

Sorry if my explanation is hard to understand. English isn't my first language.


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