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Gen VI Guide on One-Off Pokemon such as Legendaries and Other Non-Breedables


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For Breedable Pokemon, please check out this guide for more useful statistical information.

Things you will need

  • A 3DS / 3DS XL on Firmware 9.0-9.4
  • The Internet
  • PKHeX
  • Your Sav file which can be obtained via RAM2Sav
  • A template Pokemon, which I will describe

Getting your template Pokemon

In general, a template Pokemon is the Pokemon you are trying to ultimately obtain. If you want the ultimate Suicune, go catch a Suicune. The exception to this are version exclusives, which you might very well want to complete your Pokedex. If your game has Kyogre but not Groudon, then use Kyogre as your template. For Tornadus, use Thundurus, etc. If you want a Kyurem, go back to square one, get yourself a Reshiram and a Zekrom first and obtain everything that way. You should not try templating with any arbitrary other Pokemon than its logical partner (using Mesprit to generate Suicune just makes no sense here) that can be found at the same exact location.

It is recommended that you do not generate a Pokemon from scratch.


  1. Open your Sav file with PKHeX
  2. View your template Pokemon. (Right click the Pokemon, View)
  3. Main Tab
  4. Modify the species to the correct species if your template species is different.
  5. Set nickname if applicable. If you set a nickname, check off the box
  6. If your Pokemon has a gender and you want to change it, do so now. If you have a Latios, it better be male.
  7. Set your level. This must be greater than that greatest possible move level that you have. Latios must be at least level 41 to learn Zen Headbutt in Omega Ruby. Optionally, add a few experience points.
  8. Set your nature and held item. These are pretty straight forward. Make sure your item is available though. Items from previous generations are impossible.
  9. If this is a fully trained Pokemon, set its happiness to 255.
  10. Do not modify the ability of your template Pokemon. If you want a different ability, you need to go find a different template Pokemon. If you want a Mewtwo with unnerve, find a Mewtwo in the Dream World and transfer it up.
  11. Met Tab
  12. If you changed your species, set your Origin game to its counterpart.
  13. Stats Tab
  14. Hit Randomize IVs once.
  15. Pick up to 4 stats to change to max if you so choose. Do not give yourself less than 3 perfect IVs (Sorry, hidden power users). A lot of these Pokemon get 3 Max IV variants already. After quite a few soft resets, you should be able to get a 4th maxed stat. The amount of time for a 5th is tremendously higher.
  16. Select your 510 EVs. It is more likely to have 510 EVs than it is to have 508 because of the nature of wild battles in Pokemon games.
  17. Moves Tab
  18. Select your 4 moves.. They must all be available in this generation. For Latios, check here.
  19. Select your necessary PP Ups. Always ask if you really need a PP Up in that move. Do you really need extra Agilities?
  20. Leave all of your relearn moves blank.
  21. OT Tab
  22. If you did not change your species or origin game, skip this tab and go to Clean Up.
  23. Give the Pokemon a random TID and SID. These values should be from 0-65535. You can pick a pair from here. If you do this step for multiple Pokemon, it would be a good idea to write this information down and use it again for the others.
  24. Set your OT to some name. This can be your own trainer name or a fictitious counterpart. It if fairly common for a single person to have multiple games.
  25. Set the Latest Handler to your own name and gender.
  26. Clean Up
  27. On the last tab, if you are keeping your template for other Pokemon, hit Reroll Encryption Constant.
  28. On the Main tab, hit Reroll PID.
  29. Right click in your PC box, and hit Set. If you want to keep a copy of your original, right click on an empty slot in your PC.
  30. Export your save and send it back to your game. Refer back to RAM2Sav for instructions on this.

If you have diverged from these instructions, do not ask for help.

It is not too much work to beat the game catch some Legendaries. This is Pokemon, a game that can easily be beaten by elementary school kids. Some of us spend days soft-resetting these legendaries for an ideal one.

If you need help, make a new thread in this subforum. Do not post here unless you want to explicitly comment on my post.

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For Breedable Pokemon, please check out this guide for more useful statistical information.

It is recommended that you NEVER generate a Pokemon from scratch.

It's not impossible though if you research and see what works and doesn't work, usually through failing in wifi trading and battling. It shouldn't be recommended though to generate an event Pokemon from scratch. And it's true about soft resetting for days, only that can stretch to 2 months, as is the case with me and Cresselia. Now I'm on a necessary pause from that.

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Oh man, that reminds me of nearly 1 month of SR for a Modest 5IV Kyogre. I got so sick of it that I just offed it so I can move on with the game and get it at a later date.

You did remember to reduce the nature problem by leading with a Modest Pokemon that has synchronize, correct? But yeah, the cutscenes for Kyogre are initially ridiculous to deal with.

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