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Help needed to extract pokemon from save or fixing save


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Last night, for the first time I started working with save data. I have a 3DS and the digital version of Alpha Sapphire on it. I was half asleep and therefore came up with a "brilliant" plan to clone pokemon (note: this plan was not brilliant in the slightest and was in fact extremely stupid.) The plan was to back up all the data on the SD card to my computer, store the pokemon I wanted to clone in the pokemon bank and then bring back the data from my computer, thus cloning the pokemon. It did not work. Now when I try to open the game it simply says "The saved data is not compatible with this version, so it can't be used." I still have the backup on my computer and I was wondering if I could either delete the entire game from my sd card and then put the save data back (I'm guessing this is not doable), or instead extract all the pokemon from the save file and put them back in a reset game.

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I got this from a Reddit thread about a digital copy of X, which has to apply to here.

you can, but if the save is old it'll be marked corrupted and deleted. Pokemon and Animal crossing have a time stamp encryption on the saves, so if it doesn't match your 3DS it'll be deleted. This is to prevent cheating.
See what Coraldragon says above. Backup works for many games, but not Pokemon. Without protection like Pokemon has, cloning of pokemon and items would have become trivially easy. (Fans figured out other ways to clone, but that's beside the point.) Pokemon save games cannot be backed up, and will be marked as corrupt if you restore them.

Can you still put your pokemon from Bank into the game? Without restoring that sav file? You can look up this program.


It requires you though to use the game in order to make a keystream, that's why nobody can extract the pokemon for you, different keystreams for every copy of the game. Or just start a new game, you're pokemon are safe in the bank, right?

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I got this from a Reddit thread about a digital copy of X, which has to apply to here.Or just start a new game, you're pokemon are safe in the bank, right?
Unfortunately no, they are not in the bank and I can't get them in there. So, is there no hope?

I think I might have found a way to get them into the bank. Currently poke bank won't let me open AS with it as it has a different save on record, so if there is any way of getting a new NNID on my ads without invalidating the save data on my current games I might be able to take my pokemon from my AS game.

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I have a strong suspicion that the marked as old only applies to the 3DS where the newer version was used as from some research I have found that the 3DS keeps the time stamp key with the game and if they do not match up then it spits out this error. So what would happen if the data was used on a 3DS where the new data never existed? Can someone please confirm of deny my suspicion?

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Hi! I know a way to extract your pokemon.

First you need a person with AS and one of the following devices:

Save Dongle or

Powersaves or

Just a simple digital copy of AS

Then they will need to DELETE their save file and put your backuped save into their game

And the save will be yours and they could simply trade you back your pokemon.

I hope it helps. :-)

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