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How to import multiple boxes of pokemon with PKHeX


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  • 8 years later...

Hello, I have a question to simplify things.

I still use an older version and that's good too. (2019)

PKHeX is truly a savior and I would like to thank @Kaphotics again for his time and skills to create this nice program! Very Thanks!!

Now to the question:
I have two PKHeX open, both have the same main generation. However, one has full boxes and the other is empty. I don't want to drag 'n' drop all PKMN from PKHeX 1 to PKHeX 2 individually. I think there is a way to copy the entire box in the program, but I can't find it.

When I go to "Tools" - "Showdown", I see a few things there, "Export Current Box to Clipboard" sounds good. However, I only see “Import Set from Clipboard” in the tools for the second PKHeX. Nothing about Import Box or anything like that. Even under "Data" - "Dump Box", I can't manage to transfer the identical box from the first PKHeX.

I would be very happy to find out how I can do this. (If possible, it's best to copy individual boxes, not all 31 at once, for a better overview and control.)

Thank you very much for everything!
Best regards

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