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Need help recovering a Pokemon X save


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I've recently been plagued by SD card troubles, and long story short, today, I lost a Pokemon X save that I really would rather have back. I tried using a backup from Nov 21, but some time between then and today, I had launched and saved the game. Now it says the save version does not match the game version and tough shit lol. From my limited understanding of pokemon xy's save file scheme, I am under the impression that there is literally nothing wrong with my save except that the last save time in the meta data of my .sav is older than the last save time stored somewhere on my 3DS? Can I simply open up my .sav in a hex editor and edit the time to something that will let me play the game, provided I knew where the hex values for last save time were?

I feel I should clarify, although it's probably obvious, I own the digital copy.

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