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"Unable to create/write to backup file"


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I've copied the game file to my PC, opened it in the PokéGen program, created a Pokémon in PC, box 1, and when I attempt to save the game, it will not save.

When I "Save [save file]", it doesn't save. I've tested it by inserting the game into my 3DS.

When I "Save [save file] as...", this error message appear:

Unable to create/write to backup file "C:/Users/Tacanacy/Desktop/PokéGen-filer/White Game File 6.bak"

The image in this link shows the message: http://pokegen.freeforums.org/search.php?author_id=6677&sr=posts

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Better explanation
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This happens when you haven't saved the game (with the in game method) yet and only have save states, You should be able to take a save state and create a new save from it, if you have saved in game before though 

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