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  1. No Pokémon that are obtained in gen 7 have correct TIDs in the Box Data Report. For example, the Zygarde in the second image is from gen 7 and has 799566 as TID, but the Box Data Report shows 54030. The Zygarde in the first photo is from gen 6 and displays the correct TID in the Box Data Report. I've updated PKHeX to the latest version. I use the Box Data Report to copy and paste the info of hundreds of Pokémon into my spreadsheets at once, but with the Box Data Report displaying wrong info, I have to input each Pokémon manually.
  2. When will it be possible to download this as a .wc7 file? I don't have a Japanese DS, so I can't scan the code.
  3. In PKHeX, it says the met date is 04.07.2011!
  4. I accidentally hit a command on my keyboard that resulted in PKHeX opening up what looked like a spreadsheet of all my Pokémon with, as far as I remember, all properties like Natures, Abilities, Moves, IVs, EVs, etc.
  5. After downloading the latest version of PKHeX, an update log appears every time I open the program, which is annoying.
  6. I'm viewing Events, and I see that almost all of them don't e.g. have Japan as country and 3DS Region when their language is Japanese, so I wonder what "Country", "Sub Region" and "3DS region" represent. Until now I thought they represented the origin of the Event...
  7. Also the stars in the Stats tab don't appear either. They're all squares instead... This is a big issue since I need to know the gender.
  8. Mess up how? I usually use "pcout/pcin", but the server is sometimes down, so I use other servers where I need to change the file names to "rsavout/rsavin". I did a couple of days ago. I've used "Save Box Data++" every time, and today it won't save...
  9. This sounds like my problem, I can export, but not inject. I was able to inject yesterday, but today something has happened...
  10. When I start the game, and check the PC, no edits have been added. I don't know if it's something wrong with PKHeX or my card reader/writer. I bought the card reader/writer a month ago, so it's not old. The reason to why I think either of them is the problem, and not the Web Browser RAM-based Pokemon Injection exploit, is because "pcout/rsavout" works, and every time I've saved the edits, the card reader/writer's light used to flash a few times, but now it doesn't, indicating that no changes have been made. I've used PKHeX and the web browser exploit for weeks, I did for several hours yesterday, and this is the first time this sort of problem has occurred.
  11. I've a couple of questions: 1. For how long will the website for this exploit be up? I'm a bit worried by the thought of it being taken down in the next few years. 2. Are OR and AS the last Pokémon games this exploit will work on? I bought two 3DS consoles with older firmware just to be able to use this exploit, one extra in case the other breaks, so it would be relaxing to have some sense of predictability when it comes to how long the website will be up. I can't use the Cyber Gadget save editor because of a problem with the program, and seeking help hasn't solved it.
  12. Ok, I see, others have the same problem. I was writing my message when people posted this.
  13. I've a problem: When I use "pcout", a grey header with a message appears after some seconds and says "Communication error." in the upper screen. The lower screen doesn't show any text, only a transparent background. The message disappears after some seconds, and the lower screen then becomes white. I've used this method all day, just "pcout", not "pcin" because I haven't edited my save file. I've version 9.50-022E, and deleted all history and Cookies.
  14. Mind Pokémon Bank if you're a bank user and are thinking of buying another 3DS/2DS.
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