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Help/Hint needed for creating B2/W2 events


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Hello everyone!

I searched the forum and got some answers to my problem but I am not quiet sure, if I miss something. There is no acutal problem, but I am quiet new to this and I want to get sure I am doing this right. Please excuse me, if this post is lame but I would be really grateful for any hints/help.

My "problem": I want to get the event pokémon from generation 5 that I've missed. I use PokeGen, the Action Replay Cardridge and the (wonderful) event database of ProjectPokemon so far (I am looking for the German ones). Now I'm coming to the point where I want to create the event pokémon for Black 2 and White 2. I read that the somewhat usual approach of making a mystery gift won't be working until PokeGen 4.0 comes out (which I doubt ... at least I didn't find any valid information about this version beeing in development). So I looked for another approach to get these pokémon.

My question: The approach I found to be working is to create the event pokémon in the current version of PokeGen (instead of importing the PGF file from the event database) and make a simple "get-the-edited-pokémon-in-a-specific-boxslot"-code. This is working. But I want to make sure, that the pokémon I create are as legit as possible. Is this approach the best way to do so? Or are there better ways to get legit events (concerning the German events I am speaking of Genesect, (Winter) Keldeo and Meloetta)?

Why I am posting this: I didn't find a way to get the information of the PGF files from the event database of ProjectPokemon into an edtiable pokémon that can be put to a specific box slot eventually. So I found another event database on PokeEdit.com. This is not as easy to use as the one from ProjectPokemon, but there you can download PKM files that can be imported into PokeGen. Afterwards you can create the AR-code with the boxslot-approach I was talking about. Are those PKM files a good source to create legit pokémon? Do I have to pay attention to anything while using them? Or is there even a way to use the files provided by ProjectPokemon (this is what I would prefer since everything worked great with those so far)?

Thank you very much for any hints/help and for your time. Please excuse my bad English.

Have a great week!

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play on an emulator,

edit the save file,

receive wondercard pokemon on emulator,

use pokegen to get pkm file,

generate AR code for pkm.

Ah, I see. So mystery gift codes are working for emulators? Can I use any region ROMs or do I have to use japanese ROMs (because as far as I know the current PokeGen version only works with japanese DS games when it comes to creat mystery gift codes)?

Basically I get the wondercard pokémon using the emulator so I can be sure that the pokémon coming out of that is legit. Afterwards I can create the code for the DS games using that emulator savegame. Can you recommend a good (and working) source for such a DS emulator? Where do I get the ROMs?

Thank you very, very much for your reply!!

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You have to edit the SAV in PokeGen to add the wondercard. Fake wondercard pokemon aren't "legit", they're legal as you cheated to get them in the game.

DeSmuME plays games, and do not ask for ROMs as sharing links/files is illegal.

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Alright, I tried this and it worked. For people who might be interested in getting legit/legal (whatever - you know what I mean) event pokémon from the B2/W2 era, I recapitulate the main points ...

As PokeGen 4.0 is not yet released, mystery gifts using (AR) codes does not work up to now. So you can't use the event database of ProjectPokemon for the real DS games. An alternative step is to get the needed event pokemon from a source somewhere else, for example Pokedit.com where you can download PKM files for each of them. Afterwards you can use PokeGen to create a code that puts the pokémon in a specific box and slot. The problem is that those PKM files are edited in terms of the IVs/EVs. Take a look at the "Plasma Genesect" for example - it will have almost perfect parameters. Is this a problem in terms of beeing legit/legal? Not really, but it's barely authentic in the end - especially when you imagine the case that a lot of people might be doing this and therefore you'll have the exact same pokémon as everyone else.

Thanks to Kaphotics for the help, because there is a workaround where you can get those event pokémon with a little bit more work, but they will be a lot more plausbile eventually. If you play the game on the computer using a ROM, you can trigger the mystery gift with the current PokeGen version. It worked fine for me using the right language version, there is probably no need to use the japanese version. Start the game, play until you're be able to go to the Pokémon Center on your own and save using the normal ingame menu. Load the savegame (depends on what emulator you are using - for DeSmuME they can be found in the battery folder) into PokeGen, load the needed mystery gift file from ProjectPokemon (PGF) as well and save everything. Restart the Emulator and go on playing the saved file and you will be able to pick up the event pokémon in the Pokémon Center. After receiving the event, save your game once again. Now you can load the savegame one last time into PokeGen where you can get the data from the event pokémon and create a (AR) code, so you can "transfer" it to a boxslot of your real DS game.

What is the advantage of this more complicated way? While triggering the actual mystery gift, the stats of the pokémon will be created by the game code itself. So it will be legit/legal AND RANOM in the first place. The randomness is what I was looking for, because now you have not an event just like everyone else but your own one. This fits into a collection of pokémon in a much more plausible way.

Just for completeness: Both approaches are working though, and you get legit/legal pokémon that can be transferred through Pokémon Bank all the way up to generation 6.

Thanks to Kaphotics for the help one more time! I hope I made everything clear if someone will be searching the forum for a similar issue again.

Have a great time & Best regards!

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Though this is extremely late and I get where you're coming from. Though before trying this as it is lengthy and my pc runs Desmume very slowly, does the AR code generated through the extracted pkm file have a wondercard associated to it, or it just generates it into a box?

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