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  1. Hello GaleForce, I don't know why you get those bluescreens and I have no experience with it. But since nobody has a proper answer for you I thought some hints might be more useful than nothing. First of all: What do you exactly mean with the term "mystery box pokémon"? At least mystery GIFT pokémon (meaning pokémon you get via wifi/as a present in the ingame pokémon market) don't work as a cheat in Black2/White2 yet. The Black/White codes should be working though. Please check, if you have the latest firmware for you AR. Especially to use it for the B/W+ games you need the latest versions (
  2. Alright, I tried this and it worked. For people who might be interested in getting legit/legal (whatever - you know what I mean) event pokémon from the B2/W2 era, I recapitulate the main points ... As PokeGen 4.0 is not yet released, mystery gifts using (AR) codes does not work up to now. So you can't use the event database of ProjectPokemon for the real DS games. An alternative step is to get the needed event pokemon from a source somewhere else, for example Pokedit.com where you can download PKM files for each of them. Afterwards you can use PokeGen to create a code that puts the pokémon in
  3. Ah, I see. So mystery gift codes are working for emulators? Can I use any region ROMs or do I have to use japanese ROMs (because as far as I know the current PokeGen version only works with japanese DS games when it comes to creat mystery gift codes)? Basically I get the wondercard pokémon using the emulator so I can be sure that the pokémon coming out of that is legit. Afterwards I can create the code for the DS games using that emulator savegame. Can you recommend a good (and working) source for such a DS emulator? Where do I get the ROMs? Thank you very, very much for your reply!!
  4. Hello everyone! I searched the forum and got some answers to my problem but I am not quiet sure, if I miss something. There is no acutal problem, but I am quiet new to this and I want to get sure I am doing this right. Please excuse me, if this post is lame but I would be really grateful for any hints/help. My "problem": I want to get the event pokémon from generation 5 that I've missed. I use PokeGen, the Action Replay Cardridge and the (wonderful) event database of ProjectPokemon so far (I am looking for the German ones). Now I'm coming to the point where I want to create the event pokémon
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