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  1. Welp. Here's to hoping my i3 laptop can run your program. Really really crossing my fingers. LMAO
  2. I see. Now I'm excited to be playing this in a PC. Care to share what PC specs work with your project? I only got an i3. LOL.
  3. So.... this release will still be playable for NDS right? Because I'm not quite sure I understand how you put it in your posts. LOL. Anyway, kudos to you for making this bro. Was hoping I could be one of your testers. As for that fire type starter, why not make a fire-flying eagle or hawk. lightning speed, great attack stat, decent-low Def and SpD, decent SpA
  4. I am so pumped for this version. Been waiting for a BW2 rom edit for such a long time. A question though, do the bugs that Drayano(BB2/VW2) encountered appear here? Like the random appearances of legendaries? With that being said, thank you for doing a nice job and for dedicating your time to do what most have given up on: Edit BW2. P.S. I am a willing volunteer to test this so just give me a PM.
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