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Competitve teams

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I had this in mind for a bit since I came into this forums..and also was the first thing I was looking for when I came here :P.

The idea here is pretty simple. We separate the battlers of this forum into teams and we organize competitive events. The teams can be started by anyone...but must be organized and approved. I'd like to see a limited amount of teams..not 10 teams and 6 of them are inactive, the amount of teams for now should be preferably 3-4 teams. There will be events that will be organized by team leaders and what not. The battling can be done by wi-fi or shoddy.

What I wanted is that after the teams grow significantly we can organize inter-forum competition..and it can get real big! With that it can help with advertising and we can get more members and what not.

Hope this will be considered and accepted :P

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