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1st time creation error


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I've been playing with PokeSav for a while now but usually only to add a few items or a rare Pokemon to my game for the Pokedex entry.

I wanted to try making my first legit Pokemon as a request for a friend, so I followed the guide, checked the file with legal etc and everything said it was ok.

When I load my game up, I notice the Pokemon is in an egg and it says "Bad Egg". I've attached 2 images in the spoiler above, if anyone has time just to have a quick look to see what the error is I would really appreciate it. :smile:

P.S. Friend wanted a light ball so I attached it to Larvitar, and he wanted to be able to level it up twice so he could get all the Pokedex entries.

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Thanks :) That helps a lot.

At first glance it seems to me that this pokemon is coming out as a bad egg because of all those ribbons placed on it. I have personally found that the best way to make a pokemon look legal is to Sav it without any ribbons. I'll keep looking for any more things that may be in the way, though.

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Thanks for the replys!

I went back and erased all those ribbons and reset all the hex values to 00 (No idea why they were like that though, I never touched them) saved and I went back into the game. It is still a bad egg for some reason.

It shouldn't even be an egg in the first place. I've made it so it appears that it hatched from an egg but is in fact a Lv98 Larvitar. Going to change 'level met' to 1, the guide said put 0 but Lv1 is what they hatch at.

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i couldn't find more faults then the hex values and the ribbons ow and you might change the date met to one day later because maybe it a one day hatch is too quick but it shouldn't be a problem

and change the defense iv to 1 or more because i'm not sure but can a iv value be 0 ??

ow and you can keep the met lvl on 0

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Thanks for the help, I changed a few more little things and I tried saving the .pkm then dragged it to trash bytes and legality checker again and things seem to be working now. :eek:

I just tried them on Pokemon Battle Revolution, in the past Pokemon I had made just for Pokedex purposes would not work with PBR, but Larvitar and a Hitmontop I decided to make afterwards both worked in online matches. So does that mean they are 100% legal? I've finally done it? xD

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