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EmoDisc, one last time.

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I need some one with a digital camera and moderate editing skills, with the ability to hack pokemon, I request a battle to show all of EmoDisc's ability, previously not well shown.

In this battle you must:

Own an english version of platinum.

Attack it with super effective moves against water type.

Attack it with a fighting or normal type move.

Attack it with a 1 hit KO move.

Make legendary pokemon kids love look bad.

If you are interested or have any interesting ideas, PM me.

This will be the final video, so I'd like it to look interesting.

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Also I'd like the hacker to fight me with 6 spiritombs with wonder guard, 999 in all stats and use double team 6 times, while using the AR cheat of OHKO and infinite HP, if they exists, they are many hackers on these forums, surely one would?

This topic is now dead.

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