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Pokemon Platinum - Survival Area Rival upgrade?


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It's said that the rival may upgrade to the 2nd phase but I wonder how this happens?

These are his levels for the 2nd phase.

Staraptor Lv 71

Roserade Lv 69

Floatzel Lv 69

Rapidash Lv 69

Heracross Lv 71

Snorlax Lv 73

Starter Pokemon Lv 75

If any of you members know how to unlock the 2nd phase of this survival area rival battle in Platinum, please tell me.

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Unlock 2nd phase by beating E4 10 times

Unlock 3rd phase by beating E4 20 times

You can't go beyond 3rd phase.

7 Pokemon are listed because he will not have Roserade/Floatzel/Rapidash if he has the starter of the same type.

So if he has Empoleon he will not have Floatzel, etc.

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