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Pokemon Games(and al DS and Wii games) are getting the WiFi services down


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I'm working on a server to access them with. Provided you're set up with the NoSSL patch (necessary for any Wi-fi communications now), you'll be able to access battle videos in the usual way. Only videos my crawler has saved, plus newly uploaded videos, will be accessible.

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Not mine, but the AltWFC servers should allow direct trading and battling. They proxy my GTS anyway so there's not much point in using my DNS anymore.

Edit: To clarify, accessing any custom server on a retail cartridge requires an AR code. You can find a generator here.

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Crap, this means I must buy an Action Replay in order to access to fake Wi-Fi.

Send me a private message about all servers you found or made to send to a friend of mine, he was sad about the Wi-Fi closing.

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