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  1. afaik, Powersaves made a deal with nintendo they dont release all the event poke and they dont get sued for messing with the save
  2. there are some ppl investigating how to get over this
  3. well, with a little packet sniffing and watching the correct response from the server(which bothers me as the DNS should already redirect that, meaning that you would need to know how to redirect the auth first) and it can be done
  4. It seems we are getting the WiFi servers down on May 21st Is this event gonna affect the GTS abuse? Quote via Serebii:
  5. pushing mine It has Growlithe, Pyroar and Braxien LF Dark Safari with Absole PM if you add me
  6. so, in theory, after figuring out the encryption, tracking the packet is still possible?
  7. mine's in the siggy, hope it helps Type:Fire Pokemon: Growlithe, Pyroar, Braxien
  8. sorry, there was a issue with my siggy now it should be there also, added most above also, i want to add, my Friend Safari IS Fire with Growlithe, Pyroar and Braixen




  10. sorry for the late answer works for b/w 1 but for b/w 2 freezes if the berries are 0 does the tool random choose the area or you can force into it?
  11. nope used lastest version the app crashes when i selected 0 berries it doesnt crash when I select a berry, even if i dont have it
  12. app crashing when selecting and skipping berries
  13. it could be cool if you could emulate the server for many stuff(i dont really care DW as it is fun the way it is, but PWT is another story) i think that if in Gen VI they dont fix it its because they find it funny
  14. damn, why after the gts exploit, they find funny to secure any kind fo connection*sarcasm*
  15. could it be possible to emulate a PWT server to make a custom tournament downloadable?
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