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Importing from Pokemon Black ROM savegame to Pokemon X


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Hey all,

I have a bunch of Pokémon I want to transfer from Leaf Green To X. Unfortunately there's no way to do this directly, so I have to transfer them from Pokémon Leaf Green, to Soul Silver, to Black, to X. The problem is that I don't have a version of Pokëmon Generation V (I do have all the other generations).

I can get a DS ROM cart from a friend and put a Pokémon Black ROM on there, with a savegame that I downloaded, so that I don't have to play through the entire game first before I can transfer my Pokémon.

I would like to know if there is any downside to transferring the Pokémon via a DS ROM. In other words, will my Pokémon's stats, description, and the owner information remain the same if I transfer it via a ROM? Is there a chance that the Pokémon will be perceived as illegal or hacked if I import them? Can I be banned by Nintendo from the trade network?

I don't really mind spending money on the DS game, but I don't want to spend 40+ hours playing just to transfer my Pokémon from an older game (I have a couple of shinies that I really want to use).

Thank you for your help!


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As far as you don't use a hacked ROM it shouldn't make your Pokemon illegal.

But there's probalbly another problem. Pokemon Bank might not recognise the ROMs on the flashcard. (would be logical since Nintendo don't like ROMs)

The Dream Radar app isn't able to recognise BW2 ROMs on a flashcard so it's likely that the Bank also doesn't.

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