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Method 1 Castform


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So, back in June I RNG'd the method 1 Castform at the weather institute on a Japanese Emerald cart. I then Pal Parked it with an English DS to a Japanese copy of Platinum.

Here it is: https://www.pokecheck.org/?pk=4822661

A couple of days ago, Hozu said that it looked illegal. At first I thought this was because it had English Pal Park trash bytes (because I Pal Parked it with an English DS), but then I found this Pokemon on Hozu's account (https://www.pokecheck.org/?pk=808754), which also has English trash bytes, so I figured this must not be the flag that went up for Hozu.

So, basically I want to make sure this Castform is ok. If it isn't, what is happening to make it appear illegal? Is there something occurring when I Pal Park it, or when I put it on Pokecheck? Is there something wrong with my Platinum version (which I bought used off of ebay)?

Mainly I want to know because I just, about two weeks ago, RNGed my shiny Mew, which took a very long time and lots of trial and error, as I was using battle videos to boost the starting frame (the target frame was very, very, very high). (Incidentally, I think it was Hozu who discovered you could do this, so hats off to him!) I've almost assembled a perfect set of Pokeblocks, and soon I will get all the contest ribbons for it. I even bought a copy of xD so I could tutor it and get the Earth Ribbon on it. The point here being that I don't want anything to corrupt it like the Castform apparently was, as I've spent many weeks getting it to where it is. Do I need to use a Japanese DS to Pal Park it (I can borrow one from a friend)?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! :)

Edit: If it helps, I RNG'd the Castform on the DS. This was probably assumed?

I notice no one is touching this. If it helps, I can film myself RNGing one of the method 1 Keckleons still left on the file, sending it to Platinum via Pal Park, and uploading it to Pokecheck.

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Anybody? Should I just chalk this down to the fact that Pokemon transferred from a Japanese 3rd gen cart to a Japanese 4th gen cart via an English DS are unfamiliar looking? If my Platinum were not used, I wouldn't be asking this, because I would know it is legit. I just hate the idea that people think I hacked something when I did not, and it's very frustrating when I can't prove it. Even if someone could tell me it has nothing to do with my Platinum game, then I would be satisfied. Generally speaking, there is nothing wrong with Pal Parking something from a Japanese Emerald cart to a Japanese Platinum cart via an English DS, right? Or do you have to use the same nationality hardware for it to be "legit"?

Thanks in advance!

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Okay, thanks, very happy to hear. I was worried something was going wrong when I transferred it, either because of my Platinum copy or because I was making it go through the wrong region hardware, or whatever made it look illegal to Hozu (whom I consider the most well-informed when it comes to Gen 3, and so when he suspected something, I started to suspect something as well, despite knowing it is legitimately RNG'd and caught). It wasn't so much a concern that it was legit in Emerald (because I know it is), but that something was corrupting it when I transferred it to Platinum. I'll go ahead and transfer my Mew now, once I pick up the last of the contest ribbons :)

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Just tell me this Hozu: could it in any way be the region of the hardware or the Platinum file that is making it look weird to you? If it can't be any of those, then I won't mind, because I know it is legit, and I'm sure at some point someone will do enough research to see it is. I really don't want to offend you but it just seems like you're not familiar with part of the process here. If I took a video of me RNGing a Keckleon, Pal Parking it and uploading it to Pokecheck, would you be satisfied?

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I'm trying to think what I could possibly be leaving out. Here is everything I can think of: System: English DS Phat. Gen 3 Game: Brand new Japanese Emerald cart. Gen 4 game: Used Japanese Platinum cart (looks totally legit to me, not bootlegged or anything, and the previous guy's file looks fine). Shiny frames obtained through RNG reporter frames by a fellow on Smogon (I didn't have a PC at the time so I couldn't get them myself - his name is Champloo). Here they are (first 100k frames):

Method 1

Frame Time Elm Chatot Pitch PID !!! Nature Ability HP Atk Def SpA SpD Spe Hidden Power 50% F 12.5%F 25% F 75% F

1438 0:23.96 P High (97) 0AE85F57 !!! Rash 1 14 27 21 11 8 21 Steel 42 F M M F

1674 0:27.90 K Mid-High (75) CDB19808 !!! Sassy 0 8 5 1 28 23 20 Water 50 F F F F

21630 6:00.50 E Mid-Low (24) D24487FC !!! Calm 0 20 30 30 15 18 6 Ground 69 M M M M

23644 6:34.06 E Mid (49) 3A496FF0 !!! Serious 0 12 29 21 26 5 14 Water 45 M M M M

32800 9:06.66 E Mid-High (71) A2BBF702 !!! Impish 0 2 11 30 19 5 27 Ice 49 F F F F

63974 17:46.23 P Low (10) 168A4334 !!! Quirky 0 20 24 28 9 17 22 Electric 35 F M F F

Method 2

Frame Time PID !!! Nature Ability HP Atk Def SpA SpD Spe Hidden Power 50% F 12.5%F 25% F 75% F

1438 0:23.96 0AE85F57 !!! Rash 1 21 11 8 27 13 13 Dragon 41 F M M F

1674 0:27.90 CDB19808 !!! Sassy 0 20 28 23 4 23 29 Grass 52 F F F F

21630 6:00.50 D24487FC !!! Calm 0 6 15 18 26 31 9 Grass 64 M M M M

23644 6:34.06 3A496FF0 !!! Serious 0 14 26 5 6 16 9 Poison 42 M M M M

32800 9:06.66 A2BBF702 !!! Impish 0 27 19 5 19 0 23 Steel 47 F F F F

63974 17:46.23 168A4334 !!! Quirky 0 22 9 17 15 18 5 Steel 61 F M F F

Can't really think of any other additional information. I chose Mudkip as a starter.... I am a male character in the game... Please ask me for any other details you need!

After I beat the game, I bought a used AR3 so I could get to the event Islands. However, all of the pokemon except for Lugia on my account were uploaded before I even ordered the AR3.

Edit: Hold on, I am going to take a picture of the DS, Emerald Cart, and Platinum cart. Sorry in advance for the Photobooth quality.

DS: http://imgur.com/zN6dYGv

Emerald: http://imgur.com/5OWlPmL

Platinum: http://imgur.com/3ZnJRUK

Here is a picture of my Emerald running. This is my Swampert. I took the Adamanet spread at 11645. I couldn't get it shiny, since you can't Pal Park and get your SID until after you catch your starter (obviously). http://imgur.com/i6e0zuJ

I'm going to RNG a rash Keckleon right now.... brb with a pic!

Pics: http://imgur.com/L24FTXX



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If it were anyone but Hozu I would assume they're wrong, but Hozu knows just about everything concerning Gen 3, so it worries me. If he says it's illegal, I want to find out what's making it illegal, because it appears to me that every step I'm taking here is legal. I can only assume it is something out of my control, if it's something at all. Ideally I would like to benefit the community with new information. I don't know how many Pokemon have ever been transferred between two Japanese carts on an English DS, so maybe this is just what it looks like? Keep in mind, I don't even know what looks "wrong." I know nothing about trash bytes and hidden data and values and all that stuff. I am willing to Skype anyone who's willing and RNG one of the remaining Method 1 Kecleons or Voltorbs.

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