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Dream World

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The PGL will definitly close soon.

So, I am trying to collect pictures of Friend Board details in English. (good quality)

your help would be welcome. I need those to make a DW guide.

I was making this slowly because I was miles away of thinking Nintendo would close 5th Gen PGL so soon.



--- Missing ---

DREAM LIST: Female with basic move and male with special move. With this, I can make the guide like I would like it to be.

Abra M Skill swap

Aipom F Scratch

Aiporm M Fake out

Alomomola M Pain split

Aron M Head smash

Axew F Dragon Rage

Axew M Counter

Baltoy Rapid Spin

Barboach M Spark

Basculin M Agility

Basculin M Zen headbutt

Beedrill F Poison Sting

Beedrill M Air cutter

Beldum Take down

Boldore F Power Gem

Boldore M Heavy slam

Boldore M Curse

Buneary M Drain punch

Carnivine F Bite

Carnivine M Gastro acid

Carvanha M Thrash

Carvanha M Dark pulse

Chatot M Nasty plot

Chatot M Role play

Cherubi F Leech Seed

Chimecho M Hypnosis

Chinchou M Shock Wave

Combee M Tailwind

Corfish M Metal claw

Corfish M Endeavor

Corsola M Confuse ray

Cottonee M Encore

Cottonee M Worry seed

Cranidos F Headbutt

Cranidos M Iron head

Croagunk M Drain Punch

Crustle M Counter

Crustle M Night slash

Drifloon F Minimize

Drifloon M Skill swap

Drilbur F Rapid Spin

Drilbur M Metal sound

Drowzee M Psycho cut

Ducklett M Me first

Ducklett M Brine

Dunsparce F Defense Curl

Dunsparce M Magic coat

Durant M Thunder fang

Eevee F Sand Attack

Ekans M Dark pulse

Elekid M Magnet rise

Elgyem M Barrier

Emolga F Quick Attack

Exeggcute M Synthesis

Finneon M Sweet kiss

Galvantula M Pursuit

Galvantula M Disable

Girafarig M Mirror coat

Girafarig M Skill swap

Glameow M Assurance

Glameow M Secret Power

Gligar F Sand Attack

Grimer F Poison Gaz

Grimer M Haze

Grimer M Shadow sneak

Gulpin M Acid armor

Gurdurr M Mach punch

Gurdurr M Drain punch

Heatmor M Heat wave

Heracross M Focus punch

Hoothoot M Night shade

Hoothoot M Recycle

Igglibuff M Fake tears

Kabuto M Stealth rock

Karrablast M Mega Horn

Keckleon M Skill swap

Koffing F Smog

Krabby M Amnesia

Kricketot F Struggle Bug

Kricketot M Endeavor

Kricketot M Uproar

Krookodile F Crunch

Krookodile M Counter

Lapras M Icy wind

Ledyba M Thunderpunch

Lileep M Giga drain

Lunatone Confusion

Luvdisc M Icy wind

Machop M Helping hand

Makuhita M Helping hand

Maractus M Spikes

Maractus M Leech seed

Marill M Aqua jet

Marill M Ice punch

Meditite M Drain punch

Meowth F Scratch

Minum F Thunder Wave

Minum M Discharge

Minum M Signal beam

Natu M Giga drain

Nidoran M Peck

Nosepass F Tackle

Nosepass M Ancientpower

Nosepass M Stealth rock

Numel M Heat wave

Pachirisu M Covet

Pachirisu M Sock wave

Paras M synthesis

Paras M Cross poison

Petilil M Charm

Petilil M Sweet scent

Pidgey M Secret power

Pidove F Gust

Pidove M Morning sun

Pidove M Hypnosis

Pineco M Toxic spikes

Pineco M Gravity

Plusle F Thunder Wave

Plusle M Discharge

Plusle M Signal beam

Psyduck M Encore

Psyduck M Brine

Rattata M Iron Tail

Remoraid M Rock blast

Remoraid M Brine

Rhyhorn M Counter

Riolu M Focus Punch

Rosela M Swift

Scolipede M Toxic spikes

Scolipede M Super power

Seaking M Sleep talk

Seaking M Endure

Seedot M Foul play

Sentret M Endure

Seviper F Bite

Seviper M Aqua tail

Shelmet F Acide

Shelmet M Baton pass

Shelmet M Encore

Shieldon M Counter

Shuckle F Encore

Shuckle M Shell smash

Shuckle M Helping hand

Shuppet M Pain split

Sigilyph M Heat wave

Sigilyph M Stored power

Skarmory M Drill peck

Skitty M Foresight

Skorupi F Bite

Skorupi M Agility

Slakot F Yawn

Slakot M Night slash

Slugma M Inferno

Smeargle M Sleep talk

Sneasel M Low kick

Snorlax M Amnesia

Spearow M Faint attack

Spinda F Copycat

Stunfisk F Rollout

Stunfisk M Curse

Stunfisk M Yawn

Stunky F Screech

Sudowoodo M Role play

Surskit F Bubble

Swinub M Icicle Spear

Swinub M Ancient power

Taillow M Endure

Tirtouga M Flail

Tirtouga M Iron defense

Trapinch M Signal beam

Tropius M Leech seed

Tropius M Silver wind

Tympole M Earth Power

Tympole M Water Pulse

Vanillish M Ice Shard

Venonat F Disable

Vulpix M Heat wave

Vulpix M Dark pulse

Wailmer M Bounce

Wingull M Twister

Wobbufet M Encore

Wooper M Body slam

Wooper M Aqua Tail

Wurmple M Bug bite

Wurmple M Snore

Yanma M Feint

Zigzagoon F Quick Attack

Zigzagoon M Trick

Zigzagoon M Last resort

Zubat F Supersonic

Zubat M Super fang

MODEST LIST: Missing genders and moves regardless of which gender has which move. Easier to complete than DREAM LIST.

I cannot make the guide at all if I am missing anything here.

Aipom Scratch

Axew Dragon Rage

Baltoy Rapid Spin

Barboach Spark

Basculin M - Zen headbutt

Beedrill Poison Sting

Beldum Take down

Boldore M - Power Gem - Curse

Carnivine M - Bite - Gastro acid

Carvanha M

Chatot M

Cherubi Leech Seed

Combee Tailwind

Corfish M - Endeavor

Cottonee M - Encore

Cranidos Headbutt

Crustle M

Drifloon Minimize

Drilbur Rapid Spin

Ducklett M - Me first

Dunsparce Defense Curl

Eevee Sand Attack

Elgyem Barrier

Emolga Quick Attack

Finneon Sweet kiss

Galvantula M

Glameow M - Secret Power

Grimer M - Poison gas

Gurdurr M

Hoothoot M

Kabuto Stealth rock

Koffing Smog

Kricketot M - Struggle Bug - Endeavor

Lunatone Confusion

Luvdisc M

Maractus M - Leech seed

Minum M - Thunder Wave - Discharge

Nidoran M Peck

Numel Heat wave

Pachirisu M

Paras M - Cross poison

Petilil M

Pineco M

Plusle M - Thunder Wave - Signal beam

Psyduck M - Brine

Remoraid M

Rhyhorn Counter

Scolipede M - Super power

Seaking M - Endure

Seviper Bite

Shelmet M - Acide

Shuckle M - Encore - Shell smash

Sigilyph M

Skorupi Bite

Slakot Yawn - Night Slash

Spinda Copycat

Stunfisk M - Rollout - Curse

Stunky F - Screech

Surskit Bubble

Swinub M

Taillow Endure

Tirtouga M - Flail

Tropius M

Tympole M - Earth Power

Venonat Disable

Vulpix M

Wurmple M - Snore

Zigzagoon Quick Attack

Zubat Supersonic

Note: I used Serebii to list the moves. But I know there are mistakes with a few moves on Serebii. I fixed what I could but I have no way to know if there are other mistakes. That issue most likely happens with basic move.

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Updating list

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Well... the clock is ticking and I get zero answer anywhere.

So, here is a sample of the guide I am working on. I have a few of you will like it and help me...

Still 340 pics missing.











Edited by Requiem

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Wow, nice!

Good luck, I hope you'll get it complete!

I'll look into my accounts after maintenance tomorrow to see if I have some missing ones.

Petilil F

Petilil M Charm

Petilil M ???

Btw the second possible move for Petilil is Sweet Scent.

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That would be great :)

There are still many missing so don't worry about the list if it is easier for you to screenshot your whole Friend Board than checking the list for each of your pkm. Your call.

Yeah I saw about sweet scent while updating the list. I wonder if Petilil can't be found with basic moves or if Serebii simply forgot to list it.

I added a list of females owned but still looking for one with basic move. It is to avoid showing same move twice in the guide (sample: Duskull)

Edit: I changed my strategy. There are now 2 different targets.

MODEST LIST: the minimum to be able to make the guide

DREAM LIST: What I need to make the guide like I wanted to.

Edited by Requiem

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Thanks very much to both of you.

List updated.

In MODEST List, when you see this: Audino M - Helping Hand - Yawn

It means I need a male with any move, an Audino of any gender with the move Helping Hand and an Audino of any gender with the move Yawn.

So, for any move listed in Modest list, it can be male or female. That doesn't matter.

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You are working very hard for us, thanks!:D

There are a little pokemons.

If you are not looking for them, please ignore.;)

Beldum Take Down..JPG

Dunsparce F-Magic&#3.JPG

Psyduck M - Water&#3.JPG




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