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Avatar Creation Thread


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Welcome to the Avatar Creation Thread!

Here you will find a group of talented artists dedicated to serving the Project Pokemon community through their creation of avatar art.

Avatar Artists

Artists are listed in alphabetical order. The pokemon icons next to their names correspond to the thread badges Okami has created for them, if any individual does not have a pokemon shown, they have not gotten back to her about the badge, and therefore she cannot put one here, either. :]

A reminder to the Artists~Make sure you switch your thread badge to this thread from the old one!!

picture.php?albumid=103&pictureid=859 Illithian ~ On leave until July 30

picture.php?albumid=103&pictureid=850 Kiku

picture.php?albumid=103&pictureid=848 Naru-Chu

picture.php?albumid=103&pictureid=849 Narwhal

picture.php?albumid=103&pictureid=843 pokemonfan ~ Having computer issues

picture.php?albumid=103&pictureid=1002 skaterman1995

picture.php?albumid=103&pictureid=1071 Toffeuy

Previous Artists

Artists that are no longer working for this thread and have been asked to be removed from the "Avatar Artists" listing. (In leaving order)

picture.php?albumid=103&pictureid=844 kunaidude34

picture.php?albumid=103&pictureid=845 telos

picture.php?albumid=103&pictureid=847 Okami

picture.php?albumid=103&pictureid=846 bear381

Sample Work

Artists – Please send one or two brand-new samples of your work, using general Pokemon names, to Okami. Do not let their size exceed the Project Pokemon size limit for avatars! (120x160 pixels or 512.0 KB)

bear831 ~ Blazeikensig.jpg

Illithian ~ abomasnowavatar.pngtorkoalavatar.png

Naru-Chu ~SunkernAvatar.png

Narwhal ~ 5chf1w.png2luko4.png

Thread Rules please read!

  • To help keep the thread clean and uncluttered, we are asking that all artists turn off their signatures to reduce the page stretch length. It would also be helpful if the requesters did this, too. (Simply uncheck “Show your signature”)
  • Requesters are to look at the sample work and choose up to three artists to make their avatar. Please be as specific as possible in requesting your avatar; if an artist is confused about your requirements of your request, they will ask for clarification.
  • To further reduce clutter in the thread, please post comments on avatar pages (And/or userpage Visitor Message (VM)) This is to help keep this thread on-topic at all times.
  • Attention Artists – To help keep the thread uncluttered, avatar “deliveries” are NOT to take place in the thread! Instead, upload the avatar to your album and private message (PM) the requester their avatar.
  • Please use a variant of this format:

    ^^^Our current thread banner, this will be updated when the new one is in place!
    Personalized Message: “Here is the avatar you requested; if there is anything that needs to be changed, please let me know and I will fix it. I hope you like it!”
    Signature: *Your name*, Avatar Creation Artist

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question about the art or the group, please see our FAQ thread in the Avatar Artists Group. We will take the time to answer all questions and place them here as we see fit.

Fan of the Avatar Creation Thread? Looking for a way to support the artists here?

Well now you can! Simply add this image into your signature.



Thank you for your cooperation! ~ The Avatar Artists

Edited by Okami
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Hi again, yes thanx Kiku. I have sent you a Pm, hehe And i have 1 more question, can someone also make a avatar for me on this forum with Factory Head thorton and write;

Factory Head Teksum" On it!?




would love if narwhal or illithian could make:D

Edited by Electivire
i must
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I am going to DIE if you don't change the banner. The banner has crap quality. Enkidu's original banner was good, but it was downsized and the quality ends up crap.

Anyway, I'm on vacation so no avatar making for me. Yet. I'll actually make two random avatars while I have no internet, and post them when I do. But put me on leave until July 30th (like Naru-chu).

And my favorite pokemon, for the purposes of this discussion, can be Latias.

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Yes, Kiku and I are tag-teaming the new banner. :] It's going to be the nine of us chibified as our thread banner pokemon. It's gonna look amazing when we're through!~

Latias it is, then. Thank you, Illithian :) *gets to work*

Edited by Okami
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Slow business is better than no business. It'll pick up eventually; people have to get used to the new layout of things.

And Kunai *points* Your sig! *whispers: Turn it off!* D: I feel like a mother with kids tracking muddy feet around the house! :tongue: That goes for you other artists too!

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I know okami is gone ATM so if someone could edit the first post and say that I am unable to make avatars right now due to computer difficulties. Also I would like to give props to okami for creating the thread so well. She did an excellent job with clarification. I have to work on changing my signature blinking thing to link to this thread. I'm glad I read that part.

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it's so boring around pp these days...........

if it continues to do this, i'm gonna end up like Enkidu, and leave the place!

*coughs randomly*........hmmm, wonder where that came from..........

:P Go to the IRC. Ever since I first got on, I've been addicted to it. Not as boring as the forums most of the time. Don't leave us, we can't be as active as other forums, but we're still awesomeness xD.

/join #King

in the IRC and have a blast :P

Also, great work Okami on the thread! Dang, its seriously beautiful. And nice work on the sample Narwhal :D

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