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How to create .PKM?


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Yeah, putting on my noob hat. But, how do I create .pkm for induvidual pokemon. I have noticed that we are missing .pkm files for pokemon (i.e. Umbreon, Corsolla, etc) So I just wanted to create my own .pkm files of Umbreon and some other cool ones that I like that we dont have for download.

Can someone tell me please?


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after you finish makeing your pokemon and clicked "OK" click on the botton that says "Save" and then you give it a name and thats about it thats how you save it.

to make .pkm files, once you opened the pokesav there are 2 options: 1.pokemon for party; 2.pokemon for storage.

to make pokemon for your party there are 6 "edit" bottons on the right middle side of the pokesav click on one of them to make a pokemon for your party.

to make pokemon for storage click on the "Edit" botton under the tittle "Storage" its one of the 6 options at the bottom left side of the pokesav then you can make pokemon for storage.

the differents between the pokemon from storage and the pokemon from party is that the pokemon that were made with the storage option cannot be used on the party section (pokemon that are made for the party can be used for the storage option, all pokemon that are in the download section are made with the storage section).

if you have any questions you can pm me anytime.

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