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Movie Arceus And Pikachu Colored Pichu

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Hi Guys,

Does anybody have ar codes for legit movie 12 arceus and pikachu colored pichu which i can pick them up in the pokemart.I have english version platinum.I want both pokemon japanese.Thanks in advance

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as Guested said, the arceus wasnt released yet, here is the code for the pikachu coloured pichu, this code will place a man in green inside a pokemart, he will give you the event pichu, enjoy:

94000130 FCFF0000

B2101D40 00000000

E000B5D4 00000104

00000001 00000001

3F4F14F1 00710000

D3A10824 710711C6

670FF90B 29CB3B09

7AB20993 295E15B6

11765369 EA14AF25

DDC151F8 8219459C

4F673188 7FC6C939

04758251 A2E0E4C9

DA6859F5 8C80A200

3DE70B70 93810AB4


4662A8B3 54DF8E01

21FB0DA6 EA09ED92

874C8972 2A5E7818

E4E63C15 27E66F25

D797D385 21161ABE


56097073 2CCEE277

F8EC48BB 6775D10E

239167DC 30D9C8CE

BE2C60CF 0C6E46C3

587617BC C7D144E4

38FDB749 E7D924CF


32A6F794 CFF4D26D

3E473D30 400450C4

03E95B04 7F0EE49A


7DB6D3D6 653A1E86

8762A9F8 00000000

00004000 00000000

00000000 00000000

D2000000 00000000

tested and worked on Platinum US, any problems/changes you whant me to fix/do tell me right here or pm me which way you prefer.

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Thanks guys.I know that the movie 12 arceus hasnt been released yet,but can you create a code for me anyway ?

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He can but it would be different from that Arceus and it won't unlock an in-game event when traded to HGSS. Also, since the event hasn't been released, specific details which are required are still unknown. Examples would be the TID and SID, the OTG, etc.

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