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I need help using pokegen please help


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I have pokemon. Black and an action replay, I also have pokegen downloaded. But I have literally no idea how to use it. I'm trying to get mystery event pokemon like keldeo and other event pokemon that I missed out on. How do I use pokegen to get those event pokemon? I also want to get their corresponding wonder cards.


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I'm not sure if this only works for the Japanese version, but you could try this:

First, download the wonder card from the event gallery on the main site. Then, open the wonder card with PokeGen. The Mystery Gift tool will open. hit the arrow button in the middle of this window to transfer the wonder card to slot 1 (you could use any slot, but slot 1 is just easier). Now, close the Mystery Gift tool, and open the code generator tool ( Tools -> Code Generator). select your game and language, and the select your activation buttons. Then, check the box that says "Mystery Gifts", and then hit the generate button. Now hit the export button to export these codes as a XML file type to be opened in the AR code manager. Just copy the codes onto your AR, and you should be good.

Again, I'm not sure if this will work for the English version, but I hope that this helped you in some way.

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I don't mess with XML files so my way is a little different.

Initial Set-up for ARDSi Code Manager:

On my DSi Code Manager (with my ARDSi hooked up) on the bottom right is the 'My Codelist' box. On this list I clicked 'New' and made a folder called 'My Games'. I then drug the game I'm using (in your case Pokemon Black) from the list under 'Memory Card' and put it in the 'My Codelist' folder.

Entering New Codes:

I right click on the game I wish to add codes to and select 'Add New Cheat' (or add folder if I'm making a category i.e. Wonder Cards, since you really should only use 1 Wonder Card code at a time).

I enter the name for my Code (i.e. 2012MAY Darkrai) in the first box (Cheat Name) then I take the Code Generated by PokeGen (from the PokeGen Code Generator click 'Copy') and paste it (Ctrl-V) into the second box (Cheat Codes) and Click OK.

Saving New Codes to the ARDSi:

From the 'My Codelists' box drag your 'My Games' Folder (or whatever you chose to call it) into the 'Memory Card' box.

You should get a Warning message saying it will replace Duplicate Files, Click 'OK'

If you have multiple games in your game folder you will get a 2nd warning asking if you want to replace the entire code list with your folder. Click 'NO' (Clicking 'No' overwrites only the specific games you have in the folder, Clicking yes Deletes all the games on your memory card and replaces them with only the games in the folder meaning you've permanently lost all the default game codes that were on your AR)

You will see a brief dialog box appear as it updates the specific games you selected

At the top of the Code Manager click 'Commit Changes' then click 'Yes' in the Dialog Box

The AR will then Update with your new codes, notify you when you can remove the AR from your computer cord, and you are ready to play.

Note: when I made my Wondercard Folder I right clicked on the folder (as if I were going to select 'Add new Cheat') and Clicked 'Set to Radial'. This made it so I could only select 1 code at a time from that folder that way I don't accidentally try to use 2 of the codes at the same time which would be a bad idea.

FYI you can find most Wonder Card codes for Gen 4 and 5 English (Except Black2/White2) in This Thread on PokemonGTS.com. I generated them myself using PokeGen and the WC data provided here on ProjectPokemon.org.

If Bond697 decides to update PokeGen to include English Language compatibility for Black2/White2 Action Replay Wonder Card Codes I'll update that post to include the New Wondercards.

*Blinks* I just realized I can add the New Meloetta WC to the Black1/White1 section since it was released for all four Gen 5 games.

Hope this helps you out.

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