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  1. Hello, In this file as well as on the wonder card itself the date is 9/16/11 although on serebii the event is listed as starting on the 18th and not the 16th. Is there any way to edit this within pokegen or any way to edit the .pcd file?
  2. I used the same method as I did for other codes (listed below) like the shiny creation trio (using pokegen) but for some reason the wondercard isn't showing up and the guy in the center isn't there either. Method: 1. open pokegen 2. change target game to black/white 3. open mystery gifts, change the WC slot to 9 (i have 1-8 occupied), opening the .pcd file, and hit '<' to move the file into the wonder card column 4. open code generator, changed game to white (my game), click the box labeled mystery gift and chose the activation button as 'select' 5. hit generate code, change the drop-down menu to WC slot 9, hit generate code again. 6. copy the code and put it in my AR code manager 7. start the game up, select the code, hit select at the menu that shows continue game, new game, etc. 8. hit select outside of a poke center, x to open menu and then again to close it, and then enter the center. then nothing. doesn't show up. is there a problem with how i'm setting up the code? this method worked with the shiny creation trio, meloetta, keldeo, snarl zoroark, dark explorer darkrai, and reshiram..
  3. Hi! is there a US version of this? this is the UK version and it doesn't seem to be working on my game
  4. @Cheronprince Where do you activate the code? Start screen? Start menu? In mystery gift menu?
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