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B2W2 Event - Masuda Deoxys


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A new Deoxys Event has been announced for Japan. Distribution will be for 12/15~23.

Level: 100

OT: マスダ

ID: 12152

Ability: Pressure

Nature: ???


Nasty Plot

Dark Pulse


Psycho Boost

Item: Life Orb

Pokeball: Dusk

Ribbon: ???

Location: ???

Date: 12/23/2012 ~ 01/2013

Game Distribution: Black 2, White 2

Distribution Type: IR


4gamer article

Official Pokémon Site

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This is strange for nintendo to finally make events different pokeballs besides cherish since gen 3. Lucky for it to be a deoxys :)

They can put events in whatever ball they want, they've just chosen to use Cherish Balls, since they're event exclusive Pokeballs.

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