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Please help cant get rid of glitch item


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I somehow got an item called ???????? In my bag, if i try to use it oak says its not the time

It says there are 0 of the item

If i drop deposit or any other way get rid of it when i check my bag it shows up again

Any ideas anyone?

Lg version btw

Well, prevention is the best bet. As in don't save after you activate a botched code.

Otherwise,you have two choices. Continue on and hope it doesn't do anything negative to your save, or delete the save and start over.

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Well i used encyclopedia pokemon to insert mystery mew. I now edited the backup of save and inserted the mew again. Everything seems fine now, though i think the first time i had accidentally ticked the box labeled "obedience"

Anybody know what this does?

Will be sure to avoid it now, but just curious.

Also anybody know why mew wont show up in pokedex

Or why i "cannot trade that pokemon right now"

And last question is a bit off topic but anyone have any links on creating legit ivs for gen 3 cause the mystery mew i found has a hardy nature and dont i need different ivs if i change the nature?

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When you tried to trade to Hoenn there were limitations. I remember that you could not trade pokemon from a National Dex FireRed to a Kanto LeafGreen that are from Hoenn. That is until you give the Sapphire and Ruby to character on One Island. Celeo was it?

Regardless, you got your error fixed, that is all that matteres

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