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Least liked pokemon!

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infernape - the biggest mistake of my life was waste time levelling it up to 88 I'm desperate to trade it off

bidoof, zubat, geodude - they appear everywhere oh god

jigglypuff - he scares the poo out of me in explorers of time

eevee and all normal type pokemons - the biggest wastes of space

and gastroon, shellos, lucario, hippowdon, wooper, azul, starvia, empoleon, grotle, torterra, feebas, barboach, remoraid and all the legendaries

all 20+ of the unknown urgh please no

wow I hate lots

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I do dislike pikachu for anime reasons. I also detest some gen 5 Pokemon for lack of design (trubbish, vanillite lines and the like). However, my least favorites are


Why? It's too much design work and the thought unova is NYC and this Pokemon stands 9'11" is just not right.

Any version exclusive.

Why? Because they prevent you from completing your pokedex if you have no one to trade with (speaking from experience here)


Why? It is the most disliked rat in any game. Zigzagoon becomes cool when it evolves, bidoof is the best hm slave and patrat...well I'm kinda stumped on that

The other fossil that "magically" sinks into the sand

This one is self evident


Why? Whitney

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