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BW Event - Pokemon Day (Germany) Strongest Pikachu


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Details regarding this year's Pokemon Day tour in Germany have been announced.


Date - Location

18.08.2012 - Bottrop, Movie Park Germany - großer Tourauftakt

01.09.2012 - Berlin, Hallen am Borsigturm

02.09.2012 - Dresden, McDonald's

08.09.2012 - München, Riem Arcaden

09.09.2012 - Nürnberg, McDonald's

15.09.2012 - Hamburg, McDonald's

16.09.2012 - Hannover, McDonald's

22.09.2012 - Frankfurt, McDonald's

23.09.2012 - Stuttgart, McDonald's

29.09.2012 - Oberhausen, CentrO - Tourfinale

The Strongest Pikachu will be distributed at this event as well, so hopefully one of our users in Germany (I know we have a few) can grab this one.

If you have access to any other game languages (other than German), please try to get Wonder Cards on those games as well, as it may be distributed in more than just German. Thanks!

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