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BW Event - Strongest Class Pikachu (South Korea)

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A Level 100 Pikachu (피카츄) will be distributed in Seoul, South Korea as part of a Summer Carnival event which is held with the Toonie festival.

This Pikachu is the same as the one distributed in Japan earlier, and recently in Europe.

Pokémon Details

Level: 100

Gender: Female (Set)

OT: 썸머카니발 (Summer Carnival)

IDNo.: 07142

Held Item: Light Ball

Ribbon: Event Ribbon



Volt Tackle

Grass Knot

Quick Attack

You can receive it from July 14 - August 29 from 10AM - 6PM via the usual IR Connection on the 3rd floor of the aT Center for Korean Black and White games only.


Official site announcement

Korean Event Gallery

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My friend said:

At center, Seoul.

This event is held with "Toonie festival", but the distribution site

is nearby gate of the festival so people don't have to attend the

festival to get distribution, the official site said.

I dunno if he means the center of Seoul or if there is a place in Seoul called Center.

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This one's called the "Strongest Class Pikachu", making it identical to the Japanese ones (and I guess the other "Carnival" ones).

OT is "Summer Carnival" (pronounced phonetically in English, like how Japanese katakana is used to phonetically spell English words)

Moves are:

- Thunder

- Volt Tackle

- Grass Knot

- Quick Attack

Black/White games only.

Release date/times:

From July 14 - August 29, at the times of 10 AM to 6 PM.

Release Location:

Seoul Couture aT Center, 3rd Floor

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