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Pokegen OT Trashbytes Help?

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OK so I'm having trouble with trashbytes for OTs for some reason, I'm trying to create a 100% legit looking shiny Mew (from a Japanese Emerald). I've done this before, but even if I try to create results exactly the same as another shiny Mew, the Pal Park trashbytes for the OT are apparently invalid. And I don't understand why or how to fix this, seeing as the trash bytes from the OT should be correct as I've used results like these in my other creations. I put the target game as Black/White, location as Poketransfer, and the encounter as Egg/Pal Park/Event/Honey Tree/Shaymin. Here's the results I keep getting from Pokecheck (I'm new to Pokegening, I want to confirm I can Pokegen correctly):

Original Trainer

► Language Japanese

► Version Hoenn (Emerald)

► ID/SID The pair 26786/30529 looks valid.

► OT ソラ\xFFFF\x0000\x0000\x0000\x0000\xFFFF

All characters in name are valid.

Invalid Pal Park trash bytes.

► GTS Metadata Not available prior to generation 4.


► PID Valid (type 1).

► Shininess Valid

► Nickname ミュウ\xFFFF\x0000\x0000\x0000\x0000\x0000\x0000\xFFFF

All characters in name are valid.

Found all-zero japanese D/P trash bytes. [says this in orange, it would be in green in OT trash bytes were good]

Found valid gen 4 trash bytes from original name "ミュウ".

► Gender Matches personality value.

► Ability Valid, matches PID.

► Pokérus Type 11.0

► Level Valid

► Happiness/Item Valid


► Locations Hatch/Met location seems valid.

► Ball Valid Pokéball

Stats & Moves

► IVs Pokémon is likely edited or RNG abused.

► EVs Valid

► Move 1 Valid (TM or tutor)

► Move 2 Valid (level up)

► Move 3 Valid (level up)

► Move 4 Valid (TM or tutor)

How do I fix this? What am I doing wrong?

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I don't know how to upload the .pkm file here.

Use the attachment feature, or just upload it to and make it public.

Here are Eppie's RNGed Mew. From an emulator, but should be 100 legal:

I don't know about precise legality, but I'd recommend using his Mew as a basis.

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OK, I figured out the problem with the Mew. For some reason, it doesn't like it when the OT has only 2 Japanese characters, it reads it as legit when there's 3 or more, I tested this theory out and for some unknown reason, it works -_-. Now shiny Deoxys is giving me trouble. You can find it here: what am I doing wrong with this?

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