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[HGSS] Kris as Female Protagonist


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HGSS - Kris as Female Protagonist

Rom info:

Hack of: Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver (USA)

Language: English

Current Version: 2.0

Last Updated: 18th July, 2012


This is a simple hack of HGSS, where Lyra is replaced by Kris, the female protagonist introduced in Pokémon Crystal. There are a few minor glitches, but these are mostly negligible. All that is changed in this patch is the graphics, as well as any mention of 'Lyra' with 'Kris'.






Tools used:

• Hex Workshop (hex editing many things)

• CrystalTile2 (graphics editing)

• PokeTEX (graphics editing)

• thenewpoketext (text editing)

• Tile Molester (graphics editing)

• PPRE (compiling rom)

• Kiwi (NDS file extractor)

• Pokémon DS/Pic Platinum (graphics editing)

• Windows 7 Paint (graphics editing)

• Windows XP Paint (retains palette of exported battle sprite image – allows me to copy and paste a new sprite into the game over the temporary sprites without worrying about palette screw-ups)

• Corel PaintShop Photo Pro X3 (compiling graphics to 8bpp)

• Xdelta (creating patch)

• DeSmuME (testing game on computer)

• Pokesav HGSS (editing save file for testing purposes)

Kimba616 - DeviantArt – for making all the Kris sprites. Link

S-Laughtur - DeviantArt – for making the full-art Kris sprite in the intro. Link

Someone – a kind anon on 4chan sent me his work on a rom hack like this one, entitled 'Pokemon SpiritCrystal', from which I extracted Kris' backsprites from.


- The backsprite will temporarily revert to Lyra's palette when entering a Wild battle, though it corrects itself soon after. I don't quite know why, but it is exhibited in the video.

- Trainer Card sprite and the overworld sprite shown when naming your character is still Lyra. I don't know where the sprites are located, but they will be changed if I can find them.

- The large art mugshot in the intro is still Lyra, but this is because I haven't found one made for Kris. When one is made, I'll replace it.


- Version 2 - Most bugs fixed, added more supplemental sprites, and corrected compatibility with both versions.

- Version 1 - pretty much everything except that which is listed in the Bugs section

Downloads and Documentation:

Link to patch and xdelta (used to patch the original rom)

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Not bad. I actually prefer Kris over Lyra since Kris was the original female protagonist that appeared in both the game and TV Show (in Pokémon Chronicles, but "Kris" as "Marina" and "Ethan" as "Jimmy").

That TV special is why I had Misdreavus following Kris in the video :D

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New patch is up! Changes detailed in changelog in original post.

Interesting note: while I was searching the rom for the location of the mini-sprite used to denote the location of the player on the Town Map, I found a file with the icons of the playable characters, Raikou, Entei, and Suicine (as expected). But, instead of Lyra, it had a blue-haired female, which I assume is Kris. I'm not sure if this has been found by anyone before, but it's confirmation that Game Freak did in fact have Kris in the game at one point (or at least used her as a debug for the map icons). Just thought this was pretty cool :D The file is located in a/1/4/2 for anyone that's interested (in Tinke, it's file 22 IIRC). This Kris mini-icon is the one used in the patch, and is pictured in the original post.

Let me know if you find any other bugs not noted in the original post!

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