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Tricky Save problem

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So i'm playing pokemon platinum on Desmume 0.9.7, and i have been useing the quick save(Alt+ F1) feature all game. My last platinum save didn't go so well so i started all over on this one.

Now that i have beat Cynthia, it was my impression the game would save automatically, yet, when the game has reset, i end up having to load back into my oldest game file, which is significantly crappier as it was a long time ago.

All i have of the old save now is a .ds1 file containing the moment before fading out after beating Cynthia. Suggestions, or is my game lost for good?

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load state -> select the .ds1

No, you have to distinguish between the in-game save function and the quick save function (Alt+F1) on the emulator. If i load the .ds1 i am helpless to do anything because i cant do anything other than wait for the game to fade out and reset.

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