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BW B2W2 Event - Meloetta (Movie)


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Scans of the latest Corocoro have revealed that Meloetta will be distributed at the Pokemon movie this summer.

It will be at level 15, knowing the moves it should at that level (Round, Quick Attack, Confusion), and it'll be holding a PP Max.

Other details not yet confirmed, but there will probably be an official site update soon.

Edit: More details have been confirmed.




Level: 15

OT: えいがかん

ID: 07142

Ability: Serene Grace

Nature: ???



Quick Attack


Item: PP Max

Pokeball: Cherish

Ribbon: Wishing Ribbon

Location: Pokémon Movie 12

Date: 07/14 ~ 09/30

Game Distribution: Black, White, Black 2, White 2

Distribution Type: Wireless

Official Site news article

Event Gallery entry

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The official site has updated with the info about the Meloetta distribution, so I've filled in some details in the above post, and a Gallery entry.

This Meloetta will unlock a new Musical download on the PGL.

It can also get the move Relic Song at a cafe in Castelia City (which is used to change its forme), as well as something additional in B2W2.

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I assume they will, seeing as it seems to be the trend with international events lately.

Don't take my word on it, though.

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