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BW Event - Strongest Pikachu in Singapore


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The facebook page for Maxsoft, an electronics distributor in South East Asia has posted this blurb for a Pikachu distribution at an Isetan department store in Singapore, during the "Pika Pika Carnival."

The event runs from May 11th to the 20th.

Interestingly, it will be obtainable on Japanese games AS WELL as English games.

It appears to be a repeat of the Strongest Pikachu event, based on the moveset and hold item.




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It SHOULD be wireless.

Do you have a flashcart?

Yep, then I'll try getting it with English, Japanese and other languages games..

By right I should be going down there tomorrow night, so I'll probably get it then.

(In other news, failed my exam today. Wheeee!)

I'll probably be going in the morning since I have nothing else better to do, and then maybe on Sat as well :P

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Event Uploaded: http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?15282-Gen-V-Event-Collection-and-Contribution-Thread&p=145835&viewfull=1#post145835

My Image Dump: http://pkm.reignofcomputer.com/Pictures/Singapore%20Pika%20Pika%20Carnival%2012

Only Japanese and English distributions, I tried with other languages but found nothing.

Asked to see the distribution device. As always, a DS with a distribution cartridge (with a lock attached). The "Distribution" text was in Japanese. Couldn't take a picture, they wouldn't let me. It's in the cupboard under the TV next to the counter.

Also bought a Cyndaquil plush *squeeeeee*

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Wow that's fast, but that means I don't need to dump my files coz it's the same, they're only responding to Japanese and English games, which surprisingly provide 2 different WCs, so I'll just assume that they're having 2 wireless distribution running at the same time or it's a special kind of cartridge that only responds to those 2 languages..

Pics will be up when I'm back home but I also doubt it'll be any different from RoC's

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