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SMR2010 Jirachi =S


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Look i've been trying to get this jirachi with HP fire (70), psychic, grass knot and clam mind but everytime i do the legality checker says "Hacked or unknown pokemon" and then when i'm trying to download it there are like 5 "?" signs and SMR2010 in the nickname :mad: i don't know what's going on with the ID it's supposed to be 06260 but it always changes into 6260 =S guys any help?

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I'm having the exact same problem with SMR2010 Jirachi, FAL2010 Mew, WIN2011 Celebi, and the Gamestop Shiny Entei and Raikou. I did nothing to them. All I did was RNG for perfect or near-perfect IV's and a few Hidden Power 70's. Should I ignore those?

The original post had 3 "problem"s. Which one are you looking at?

All your listed events are fairly recent (in terms of Legal.exe development), and thus are not updated into Legal.exe yet. If they are showing as "Hacked or Unknown Pokemon", ignore it.

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