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  1. Ar2ro

    DW eevee

    Allright! Thanks a lot
  2. Ar2ro

    DW eevee

    Yeah so I got this eeve from Amanita with its DW ability. The problem was that it was male (yeah, I forgot to save before getting it), so I used Pokegen to change its gender to female and then start breeding it. Now the problem is that very egg I get has run away or adaptability instead of anticipation, did I do something wrong? Do I have to keep waitng? Help please :frown:
  3. Thx man but I mean the pokecheck link or download link, I dunno if I'm mistaken with another page. Again thx, I needed the upgrade
  4. Hi guys thanks a lot! this guide helped me a lot but just 1 thing, when i take a pokemon to te legality checker it always crashes =/ why is it?
  5. Look i've been trying to get this jirachi with HP fire (70), psychic, grass knot and clam mind but everytime i do the legality checker says "Hacked or unknown pokemon" and then when i'm trying to download it there are like 5 "?" signs and SMR2010 in the nickname :mad: i don't know what's going on with the ID it's supposed to be 06260 but it always changes into 6260 =S guys any help?
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