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BW Event - Japanese Popularity Poll Rayquaza


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Late last year, a promotion ran to discuss the Pokémon to be given in Japan during February. This promotion was to give a Pokémon that used to cover a version of the Pokémon games. When the voting ended on December 25th, Rayquaza was found to have won. Today, the official site revealed the details of this event. This Rayquaza is Level 100 and has its usual ability of Air Lock. However, the moves it has is are more unique. It has the moves Extremespeed, Hyper Beam and Dragon Pulse, but more shockingly, it has Victini's special move; V-Create. The giveaway will be in store from February 10th to February 27th.

tl;dr, Japanese Rayquaza for distribution, PokeCenters, 10-27th Feb, has V-Create. Also has a Life Orb.


Edit by Guested:

Here's the actual source.


Here's the detailed results of the poll.


I'll think up a good title for this event by the time I upload it to the gallery.

"Popularity Poll" IS what it is, but not what it's called.

"歴代ゲーム" translates to "Successive generations game" so I'll put it together into something more colloquial.

Pokemon Generations, or Game Generations or something like that...

Entry in Event Gallery

Edited by Guested
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Thats' cool that it picks up so soon after the ending of the Year of the Dragon eggs. Apart from the five-day gap, there's been successive events running at Pokemon Centers since Tohoku Snivy started at the beginning of September.

Kinda wish it would have been something like Groudon, Kyogre or one of the RGB pokemon, though.

This event starts on a Friday. I'll be able to pick it up that night, or the next day (Saturday, the 11th). I'm sure Nigoli will get it too.

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