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red Pokemon red VGC EX plus Alpha edition

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Pokemon - Red VGC EX plus Alpha edition ( December 2011 )

* gameboy romhack of pokemon red US/EU *

this is the final version of the romhack i made of "pokemon red" for the gameboy entertainment system !!

just to give a brief overview of what i changed:

1. edited the types of pokemon that appear on the title screen

2. edited the types of pokemon your rival collects at different points in the game ( only the starter is the same )

3. edited some of the gym leaders / elite 4's pokemon and some of their moves

4. gym leaders give you the same TMs upon defeat...but you get 6 instead of 1 ( you can sell extra's for money )

5. edited the casino prizes and cost ( different pokemon and items )

6. edited all of the in-game trades ( you get porygon instead of jynx )

7. edited the types of items all of the pokemarts sell ( most shops carry TMs now )

8. did a major edit of all of the wild pokemon encounters ( makes it a lot more fun to catch em' all )

i would like to thank "swamperttools" and "Harrison" for their wonderful romhacking tools !!

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The one comment I would give would be to perhaps change (if possible) the learnsets of the Pokemon types. For example, I caught a Seel at Level 4 or something. I have found that besides Headbutt, the first move it will learn via level up, will be Growl at level 30.

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