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Sandstorm Team, MLG


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I was on vacation but have returned. I see what was meant about ttar too. I just wasn't using the right set at the time but i have revised that.


Ttar is back in over hippopowdon but now with substitute, Crunch, Flame Thrower, and Focus Punch

Gliscore is also back over vaporeon as she was not countering due to metagross's coverage. and I need earthquake back!

Trouble with bulky flyings coming in on aerodactyle please advise.

And also magnezone trouble with metagross. (he has been blasted three times now by thunder bolt. Hp Fire takes away about 3/4 of magnezones health but i don't know what to do...)

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I'm not doing a full rate (as I just did one), but don't leave Aerodactyl in on bulky flyers. Empoleon is a fantastic counter to Dragonite and Salamence, and if they're stupid enough to stay in, blast them with Ice Beam for an easy OHKO.

Magnezone will always trouble Metagross. He has extremely high SpA and STAB T-bolt is too powerful for most Metagross. The best thing to do is to give Metagross a new item like Shed Shell, which lets him switch out of even Magnezone, and send in a proper counter.

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