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BW Event - Darkrai Download for Germany (Gamestop)


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A new download is announced in Germany at Gamestops. It is a Darkrai!

The time period is from Nov 21, 2011 until January 31, 2011!

I assume that it is the same Darkrai as the winter-break Darkrai, but this is not sure.

Here is the link to the Gamestop page: http://www.gamestop.de/pokemon

I will edit more details as soon they are confirmed. Rumours say (sb working at Gamestop) said, that Darkrai will come

with level 50, moves: Dark Void, Omnious Wind, Faint Attack and Nightmare - Held Item: Enigma Berry

BUt this is not officially confirmed.

I'll try to get it as soon as I can.

e: the contribution date was postponed: new period is Nov 21 until Jan 31! Just heard from Gamestop as the time was too short to prepare all stores!

e2: not only Gamestop stores are going to distribute the Darkrai, also Toys'R Us will do. Starting from tomorrow, 21st of November.

I hope I can get it next weekend.

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I have a game from the Netherlands (English language) and I went to a German Game stop but it didn't work. -_-

I will test another shop tomorrow.

Strange... Using German and English games at French TRU worked fine. So I though any PAL language would work in any distribution place. ...Seems not.

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Okay, I am on my way to Gamestop now. Will be back in a few hours and contribute then the German (and english?) DARKRAI (hopefully).

See you later friends.


Just back from Gamestop: bad news! The distribution cartridge did not work! There was a text "Distribution not available now"! Crap.

But I will try it in another Gamestop next week, we still have a little time...

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