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What kind of pet do you have? Talk about it here.


What kind of pet do you have?  

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  1. 1. What kind of pet do you have?

    • Dog
    • Cat
    • Fish
    • Bird
    • Reptile
    • Rodent
    • Other
    • I don't have a pet. :(

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I was looking through the threads and noticed we didn't have one about this.

Have a pet? Post and talk about it here. :bidoof:

You may post pictures of your pet, as well. Just remember to put them in a spoiler.


This is my cat, Marykate. Also known as the Mustache Cat for the mustache-looking patch of fur under her nose.


And this is my bro's turtle. Discovered on a golf course at thumb's length. His/her name is an incredible one: Hyper Beam Phoenixium. It fits, don't you think?

Now let's hear about your pets.

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. . . o_O

Pink, blue, green? Wow, talk about exotic.

One of them choked on a bone... the other one we had to leave at Korea (this one was named Toto... a black colored puppy). We gave it to someone... but when we took the bus and headed back home... it followed us all the way home... but we still had to leave it. :(

I don't remember much about this though because I was 2 or 3 then, but that thought just makes me cry. I remember Toto but I'll never see him again...

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I have three cats, Smiley (I was 2 >_> ), Abigale, and Arwen (From LotR)

Here is Abigale, with an "are you retarded?" look on her face.


I also have a dog, Bear. He's a silky terrier, basically a bigger yorkie. My mother got him randomly. :/ Here he is, looking like some old fortune teller.


I've had various other cats, but they never stayed around too long.

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Wow, kuoleva. That cat looks funny, haha. Cute dog. :D

Shadow was the most easily frightened cat I'd ever seen. He literally ran away from everyone. Everyone.

One day, I was playing my DS in my room when Shadow, who'd been sitting under the table, started meowing oddly... which meant he was about to puke.

I moved him off the carpet and onto the solid tiles, where he dragged himself around the house, gagging and wheezing. And after one bad gag, he spit up a hairball.

He had trouble breathing after that, and whenever he meowed, it was always this weird, croaking noise. My parents scheduled an appointment for him the next day.

At night, we put him out in the garage to sleep (Which is where he normally sleeps.) He didn't like it, but what could he do about it?

The next morning we found him dead in front of the garage door. :(

He died a few hours before his appointment.

Who knew hairballs were so deadly?

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I've never had a cat, but I want one. Relatives have owned cats though, not that I ever got to be near them, even though they were in the same house...

My family had a lot pets. I personally own one dog, a papillon, but there's the family dog. Used to be two, both chihuahuas. Then there was another dog that we kept in the yard that belonged to my dad's side of the family, but he died also. I think he was a Basset Hound.

I have four lizards. Two Bearded Dragons, an "armadillo lizard" which is really a tropical girdled, and an Argentine Blue Tegu. A snake, which is a bloodred cornsnake, and a Chilean Rose Haired tarantula.

I HAD millipedes, but they died.D: Various ones, including the African Giant that grows about a foot long. Used to have other pets throughout my childhood too. Had two other pink corn snakes, two hamsters, a teddy bear and a dwarf, two guinea pigs. Four parakeets, two fire bellied salamanders, and two crayfish... Not sure what's with the thing for two.xD Had a few fish also.

My family has owned other dogs, and a duck. A quaker parrot and some cockatiels. My dad apparently at some point owned a monkey, and at one point we owned a raccoon, before I was born.

Oh, and my brother owned a Green Iguana... At one point another brought his ball python and milksnake over... But that should be everything that's been in MY house.


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Aw. Kitties. If only I didn't have asthma.D: I think they say Sphinxes have less dander, even though dander is in the skin and not the fur...

I love randomly petting and hugging fluffy pets, so I don't know how well it'll be to have a cat, who are infamous for their attitudes.

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Man, Zafur, you've had tons of pets. And some very interesting ones at that.

@ telos: O_o Your dog ate your chicken? That's... sick.

Cute cat pictures, everyone. I like the last one, Okami's cat, the most. So fluffy. :)

There is a story to it,first though i whould like to say chickens are some of the dumbest/funniest animals i have ever seen they make me laugh.The story,The chickens were always escaping and running around this one sadly escaped and jumped into the dogs home(which is a garage)and the next morning we found his bones there,I have no idea what became of the other chicken probably went off to be in movies:D

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Chickens are pretty, eh, stupid. However... they're pretty amazing in an odd sense. Ever heard of a chicken named "Mike?" He lived about 16 months without a head.

Yeah, pictures would be nice, Zafur.

I would upload some of my other pets: fish and a few geckos. The problem is the geckos are hiding under a log and the fish move around a lot, so it's hard to take pictures, haha.

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Fish tend to die very easily if you don't take care of it properly, unfortunately. And even if you do, they STILL die very easily.

And chicken are stupid? :(

You're actually right though, but it's mean to say that. My chicken just run around the garden and eat whatever grass they see... but they became smart. They keep running away from me though xD

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I know, I know. I like chickens (I have a chicken lamp, statue, wooden model, and a "legendary" chicken drawing by me,) but I just had to state a small fact there.

Chickens are cool, in general. Fun pets.

Although roosters are downright annoying. I had one that kept crowing at 3 AM.

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