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Hello, internet audience! :)

I enjoy writing programs. It's kinda fun to me. Plus it's a great stress reliever [ or inducer -- however you look at it? :P ]


I use GTK+ and more recently, GtkMM ( which requires GTK+ to run, and then some )

RunTime: GTK+ Official Installer | My Files ( 7z ) includes GtkMM

( Full Metal ) Phoenix:

FMP is a palette editor, plainly put. It imports / exports bitmaps, adobe color tables, and advance map data palettes.


○Exporting bitmap Crashes! :(

To Come:

○Bugfixes to bitmap

○More efficient Vector<> class useage ( I programmed my own, which is insanely better than std::vector<>, mind you. :) )

○Implementation of my own String class ( to avoid that ugly std::stringstream )

○Palette Averaging

○Palette Previewing

○Bookmark system

○Support for all image formats supported by cairo surfaces.

○Automatically merge colors that will render the same on target screens. [ to avoid wasted space ]

**averaging and previewing are a ways off.

Download: link

( Full Metal ) Free Space:

Simple free space searcher. Supports hex or decimal. Input your size into the apropriate box. Notate hex with &h or 0x. If you want to specify a starting offset for your search, enter it into the 'found' box. Then click search! It doesn't hog File permissions, and it uses a great algorithm ( thank you dkreuter! ) to search for free space. I'm considering re-writing with C++.

To Come:



○None that I'm aware of.

Download: link

Geared Sun:

Is a revolution in scripting. Here's my vision:

Create a project.

Add an item to a project. An item can be either a function( return ), subfunction ( end ), text, movement string, raw data ( hex editor ), or routine ( thumb / arm ). You won't see anything like:

#dynamic 0x74000000

#org @main.

and you won't have to bother with commands like return or end

the other thing -- commands now use parenthesis and comments ( like all the other languages ) to notate arguments. If you use a semicolon, you can also put more than one command on a line! The other cool thing is that it uses sqlite3 database to lookup commands and their corresponding values.

Credits to Hackmew, and Giga Universe for providing, and parsing XSE's database!

As of now, the program is in a very early development stage. Here is a preview! :)

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