Pokemon Box: Ruby & Sapphire

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I didn't get it but I should have just for Jirachi. That would have been amazing to get Jirachi on my Ruby and Saphire games.

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There are some mistake here.

i'll resume everything (truth, fixed wrong info)

Play GBA games on TV with pokemon box : Saphirre - Ruby

Able to use the box : The 5 GBA games

Max stock : 1500

Unlock eggs

First connection : swablu - false swip

100 pkm : Zigzagoon - extreme speed

500 pkm : skitty - Pay day

1499 pkm : Pichu - Surf

The hometown is decided by the GBA game witch unlock the egg.

The country is decided by the hatcher GBA game. The eggs themselve are japanese in all version.

Following are not unlocked with pokemon Box :

CHANNEL Jirachi : European pokemon Channel game

WISHMKR Jirachi : US Colloseum bonus disc

Ageto Celebi : JPN Colloseum bonus disc

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