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[B-W]PokeTEX file list...

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I'm making a PokeTex file list(yes, there is Kazo tool, but i have free time :D)

Here you are, there are only 25 for now. I use the 9.nds file

hero, 53DC
hero_cycle, 9804
hero_swim, BA6C
heroine, C384
heroine_cycle, 107AC
heroine_swim, 12A14
BW_Over, 1332C
BW_Over, 1515C
BW_Over, 160C8
BW_Over, 17034
BW_Over, 17FA0
BW_Over, 18F0C
BW_Over, 19E78
BW_Over, 1B870
BW_Over, 1C7DC
BW_Over, 1D748
BW_Over, 1E6B4
BW_Over, 200AC
BW_Over, 21AA4
BW_Over, 2349C
BW_Over, 24E94
BW_Over, 25E00
BW_Over, 26D6C
BW_Over, 27CD8
BW_Over, 28C44
BW_Over, 29BB0
BW_Over, 2AB1C
BW_Over, 2BA88
BW_Over, 2C9F4
BW_Over, 2D960
BW_Over, 2E8CC
BW_Over, 2F838
BW_Over, 307A4
BW_Over, 31710
BW_Over, 33108
BW_Over, 34074
BW_Over, 34FE0
BW_Over, 35F4C
BW_Over, 36EB8
BW_Over, 37E24
BW_Over, 3981C
BW_Over, 3B214

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