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Pokegen Pokedex Error


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Has anyone managed to get a pokegen made Dex code to work?

I'm trying to have it show that I have encountered a Shiny Snivy (just shiny not normal)

However when I generate the Code it just sends me to a white screen and does nothing.

I've gotten Pokegen to work with creating pokemon, it just seems to freeze when I try to edit my Pokedex.

just incase it may have generated to code wrong, here is the code it generated

94000130 FFFB0000

022349B4 4F86B1EB

022349B8 578E0000

022349BC 2246E0EA

022349C0 6E125332

022349C4 48EBEEBA

022349C8 1BC1E690

022349CC 3E09D405

022349D0 3C8BD198

022349D4 F95E1E5B

022349D8 568BC3DF

022349DC 9871F648

022349E0 F03A8CDC

022349E4 DB6E1F66

022349E8 78DA75F2

022349EC 31CEF4C5

022349F0 ACB8E706

022349F4 EAAFDAC6

022349F8 F9B0F4A9

022349FC 4ED642C1

02234A00 A7806D01

02234A04 32E5595E

02234A08 CB129C64

02234A0C F7D78B81

02234A10 2A2CA121

02234A14 2789D6A1

02234A18 3689709D

02234A1C EE863727

02234A20 96FBA067

02234A24 9A3E7F66

02234A28 CBA2B762

02234A2C 96E8492E

02234A30 65B05DC5

02234A34 495DE086

02234A38 526E52D4

02234A3C 3B7A2D51

02234A40 F17DD711

02234A44 9A32013A

02234A48 9A1C07B6

02234A4C CE466EF8

02234A50 4EBB12FC

02234A54 5BA5B579

02234A58 36AFEC9E

02234A5C DCC60387

02234A60 BFF2621F

02234A64 0B5B22E4

02234A68 790BA74C

02234A6C A038CF90

02234A70 B419092A

02234A74 3E8E3F4C

02234A78 4729EB16

02234A7C DE5B9D5B

02234A80 FDCB722C

02234A84 6A247E8B

02234A88 8FE282ED

02234A8C 83E29176

D2000000 00000000

this is for pokemon Black US

I read another post on here where Codr said that it will work, you just need to split it into 3-4 codes, however I've tried that and no luck, still get stuck on a white screen after it tries to boot up the game.

another question, what is the max amount of lines for a code that the ARDSi can handle?

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No, it can't be split (I've tried). And the code is simply WAY too long for the AR/ARDSi. (It's always 343 lines; I don't know the limit, but I estimate... around 150-250 lines?)

I've been looking for an alternate solution, since Pokegen's might be some time before it works, but no luck so far. Only ideas I have:

1) Just keep plugging away at catching them (using the Wild-Mod and Wild Shiny codes speeds it up a lot, since you can just throw a MasterBall used for the code, and then just go straight to the next Pokemon down the line.

2) You CAN use PokeGen to make up to 5 Pokemon at once (Dex not included), and then trade them to the game you want the entries on.

Note: DO NOT get the entries for Keldeo, Meloetta, or Genosect. Doing so will block you from the Global Link until you use a code to remove those entries (Only way known currently is the Empty-Dex code. Completely sets the Dex to nothing seen, nothing caught.)

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Is it that hard to connect the dots?

Make a bunch of codes to make 1-40, 41-90, etc complete in your pokedex

you have to do them a little bit at a time

The problem isn't to make a code for the whole pokedex. The problem is that even the code for a single pokemon's pokedex entry is far too long to fit into the code entry window in the game. I was asking for a bit more detail on how to enter and activate the code bit by bit.

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