Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky Action Replay Codes

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1.if you can't test the codes note them as untested

And change status when you are sure they work

2.if you can test them please do so and only post if they work or if you are needing help converting codes to action replay(not from)

3.stay on topic and don't spam

4. No foul language or flaming, I dislike bullies game region(I.e. u.s.a.,japan,u.k. exedra)

YES request ar ok to post As long as they follow rules 3-5 and ar reasonable(I.e. pokemon mod ok to post request AND code for but every step random status change can post code but not request)

I am not an admin or even close so I can't ban but I belive I can delete this thread since I made it.

Thank you

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(U.S.A.)Mission 1 mod(will apear on left mision boardd)(may apear on right instead for arest related missions)

122b6f10 0000mm04 mm=Mission type

122b6f12 00000000

122b6f14 0000qqww qq=floor ww=dungeon

122b6f16 0000xxxx xxxx=mission text

122b6f18 00000000

122b6f1a 0000//// ////=mission text part 2

122b6f1c 00000000

122b6f1e 00000ppp ppp=client

122b6f20 00000ttt ttt= target/Victim

122b6f22 00000000

122b6f24 0000000

122b6f26 0000000r r=reward type

122b6f28 00000III III=item

122b6f2a 00000000

122b6f2c 0000zzzz zzzz=restriction(elemental-

122b6f2e 00000000 or pokemon)

Values later

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Mission type

01 - Rescue

02 - Escort to client

03 - Explore with client

04 - Prospect with client

05 - Guide client

06 - find item

07 - Deliver item

08 - Search for client (floor is hidden)

09 - Steal item from client

0A - Arrest client

0B - Challenger mission (like arest client)

0C - pirate treasure hunt (no client)*

0D and up - Search*pirates not guaranteed

Mission text(use same for part 1 and 2)

0001 = sealed chamber

0002 = gold chamber

0003 = new dungeon

0004 = Lost in battle...I feel faint

Dungeons(use hex for floor I.e. fl1=01 fl10=0a)

Go to there mission mod code has values in wrong areas I took hours finding the right spot)


look at dungeon


Look at dungeon


Look at dungeon

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Thanks andibad and Alpha

Seeing as nobody has left any codes but me(though mine is out classed by the wondermail sky generater at

Can somebody make a 3rd and 4rth party mod to change them into any pokemon like the one on supercheats that changes you and your partner thy only posted those here is there code


Hero- 122B5158 00000XXX

Partner- 122B51C0 00000XXX

*Replace the Xs with the desired pokemon code listed below Bulbasaur 259

Ivysaur 25A

Venusaur 25B exedera exedera exedera

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