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Delta Blast Burn

AR GBA MAX/DUO Codelist Editor

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I was just wondering if it was possible for one of our resident codemonkeys to write one.

They seem to be relatively simple in format:

0x00 - 0x0f "ARDS000000000001"

1{0x10 - 0x154

Game name padded with 00 to 64 bytes 3 times with 0x00 appended after each letter.

* Note that if the .dsc file was created by Ciro's Pokemon Maker (CPM) then the 2nd and 3rd listing are corrupted.

2{64 bytes

Then some garbage data if the file was created by CPM

If not it's 00 all the way

3{48 bytes

First four are 00

Followed by Rom header in this case: BPRE

Followed by Game name once again

padded with 00 till 48 bytes

0x0160 -016a seems to differ between files, I believe it has something to do with the codes themselves.

Followed by 0xC028

4{then comes the "(m)"

5{Then 17 bytes of "0x20" essentially the are spaces

6{The code names follow the pattern of; four bytes of 00, then the code name, then they are padded to a multiple of 8 bytes with 0x00 or 0x20

7{the codes stored little endian one line at a time

EDIT: I relized that the programmer would need more than those two code lists, so i added a whole bunch more.

EDIT 2: Did more research, and rewrote part 7



Edited by Delta Blast Burn
Did more research, updated info

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