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Pokémon Black and White: No$GBA Patch

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No$GBA may be outdated, but it still has some good qualities to it. To me, and others, debugging is super helpful. To some, they prefer it to play and get screenshots from. However, Black and White has been a bit harder to get working with it. So, I made this patch.

The patch allows the player to get EXP from battles, start the game, and even save! Best part is, no AR code is required to play your game.

The current patch supports ENGLISH WHITE VERSION ONLY.

If there is interest in Black version, I will get a copy of that out as well.

To use, you will need a copy of the original xdelta and knowledge of the basic command line.

If your ROM is 256 MB, it needs to be trimmed:

Download PPRE.

Select and Load ROM

Write ROM to a different name.

(Will come up with an easier way to do this later)

First download the file below and the xdelta from the previous link.

For ease, put xdelta, the patch, and your trimmed ROM into the same directory.

Navigate into that directory via command line.

Run this command (assuming your game is called "white.nds"):

xdelta patch white_nocash.patch white.nds white_patched.nds

If you did everything right, white_patched.nds is your new patched ROM.




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