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~Pokemon Black and White, Action Replay codes for the North America Release~

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So apparently there have been alot of us, I myself included, who are having problems getting action replay codes to work on our North America release games. Is there anyone who can help us fix this problem and if so, this thread is dedicated to helping fix our Action Replay woes.

Also this thread will be used to make a list of all the Action replay codes for the NORTH AMERICA version of B/W. Please leave below, any codes you have found and explain them. Also you may request new codes and hopefully, with a little luck, someone will create codes for us based on our requests.

~Bidoof say rawrr~ :bidoof:

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Why would your AR be screwed up ?

Even if you disconnect the cable or shut down the DS while uploading the new firmware, it doesn't hurt it because the firmware is not actually written until it is fully uploaded...

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